• December 2021: “Veilige meldcultuur in de praktijk”, article in “De Compliance Officer” together with Susanne Hafkamp on how to create a speak-up culture
  • July 2021: Afstand of samenwerking? Article in the Audit Magazine on the relationship between audit and compliance
  • April 2021: Cryptocurrencies and digital assets, article on LinkedIn


  • December 2020: Crisis management and Compliance in “Tijdschrift voor Compliance
  • Article on FinCEN files for Risk & Compliance Platform Europe in Dutch/English/French
  • I wrote the first draft for the brochure of the Dutch Whistleblowing Authority regarding whistleblowing procedures and internal investigations, available in Dutch & English
  • Blog for the VCO on the integrity risks during the COVID-19 crisis. Republished by the Risk & Compliance Platform in Dutch and English.
  • April 31 2020: Article on Van Oord in Angola: Lawful but awful (LinkedIn)


  • December 12 2019: Article at opinion pages of Het Financieele Dagblad  “Lift the (Dutch) anti-corruption legislation to the international level” together with co-authors Mark Pyman and Brook Horowitz (paywall, Dutch language). Original English language title: “Climbing out of the ethical black hole”.
  • November 23, 2019: Quoted by Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad on the gatekeeper role of banks and accountants (paywall, Dutch language)
  • November 2019: Article in “Tijdschrift voor Compliance” on anti-corruption programs for companies outside of the financial services industry (paywall, Dutch language)
  • November 2019: Article on the gatekeeper role of banks on LinkedIn. The article was re-published by Transparency International Netherlands (Dutch language).
  • July 2019: Article in Greek Sekase magazine on “The Ethics and Compliance Officer and Corporate Governance Codes” (scroll to page 24 for the article)
  • July 2019: Article in “De Compliance Officer” on WOW moments in compliance
  • July 2019: “Personal liability for inadequate anti-corruption controls”, SCCE Compliance and Ethics Blog
  • June 2019: ECMC Response to the OECD Working Group on Bribery consultation
  • May 2019: Interview with Economia magazine on the importance of a culture of compliance and business ethics
  • April 2019: Whistleblowing procedures: Separate advice from investigations. Dutch compliance magazine “Tijdschrift voor Compliance” (paywall, Dutch language) 
  • April 2019: Letter published by newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad on the role of Ethics & Compliance Officers in respect of culture and behavior (paywall, Dutch language)
  • April 2019: Interview with Lex van Almelo for IFFC event on the expectations of society and the supervisors on the role of the gatekeeper (Dutch language). This interview has been republished by Executive Finance
  • March 2019: How to handle ethical dilemmas caused by AI, data analytics and blockchain? LinkedIn post. This article has been republished by Risk & Compliance Platform Europe
  • March 2019: The gatekeepers and the criminals. LinkedIn article. This article has been republished by Risk & Compliance Platform Europe in the English and Dutch language and by the IFFC
  • February 2019: Banks as gatekeepers to the financial system. Is it working? More comprehensive article in Dutch compliance magazine “Tijdschrift voor Compliance”(paywall, Dutch language).





  • December 2015: Trust Business and Corporate Misconduct: Stemming the Tide by Stick or by Carrot? Two-part article in Journal of Business Compliance
  • December 2015: Interview with Dutch business newspaper FD (Dutch language)
  • November 2015: LinkedIn post on The Yates memo, or: think before you tweet
  • September 2015: Article in Dutch magazine De Compliance Officer no. 19 on Combatting corruption in practice: The FIFA Investigation (Dutch language)
  • March 2015: Interview in Dutch magazine De Compliance Officer no. 17 (Dutch language)



  • October 2013: Co-author of a Dutch book on anti-corruption, published by Kluwer; I wrote the chapter regarding Third Party Due Diligence (Dutch language)